Is Popcorn time coming back from the dead ?


Recently Popcorn time developers announced that they would be taking a step back with this application. This is a shocking news for movie lovers & especially Popcorn time lovers.

Well, Popcorn Time has been charged for streaming illegal and Pirated movies on their app. Websites like The Pirate Bay and YTS use open source BitTorrent to stream pirated movies on their websites. Here, Popcorn Time makes it easier for the users to watch pirated movies easily without downloading huge files directly from the net.

Popcorn time supported themselves saying that Popcorn time is different from other apps or website as they don’t host any of the content, it is totally legal.

Popcorn time developers took a publishing ground to explain themselves saying ““we need to move on with our lives.”

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“Our experiment has put us at doors of endless debates about privacy and copyright. Legal threats and shady machinery that makes us feel in danger for doing what we love, And that’s not a battle we want a place in”

Initially, the company tweeted that Popcorn time will resume its services soon. Two days later they announced its shutdown decision to the whole world.

Despite, being the most controversial application of 2015, for piracy and threats. No doubt, Popcorn time worked amazingly well for movie lovers. It had quite a speed that could barely be competed with any other application. Popcorn time gave some of the best movie collection to its users, for example, Horror, comedy, thriller, romantic, action and many more.

We won’t be wrong if we say that Popcorn time was a unique application for streaming movies online.

Now, where Popcorn time developers have taken a step back from their creation, YTS developers are planning to revive the application by including it into their website as a project. Therefore, Popcorn time will not be illegal as such.

Recently, Popcorn time developers farewell post said “ But, as you may know, that’s rarely enough. Our huge reach gave us access to a lot of people, from newspapers to the creators of many sites and apps that had a huge global reach. We learned a lot from these people, especially that standing against an old fashioned industry has it’s own associated costs. Costs that no one should have to pay in any way, shape or form.”

It has been a great experience with Popcorn time. Let’s hope to see Popcorn time back from the dead soon.



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