How to get Kodi on iPhone or iPad?


Kodi is essentially a software that turns your tv and computer into a live set – up box. It allow you to stream movies and videos directly from internet for free. Kodi was launched in 2003 and since then its has been designed by more than 500 software developers and almost 200 translators.  Right now, Kodi functions under non profit XBMC foundation.

It is an amazing software that is growing its popularity day by day. Unlike other software, Amazon TV ChromeCast and Amazon Fire stick, Kodi is not restricted with licensing. It is very easy to download and quite simple to use.

Kodi Compatibility?

Kodi is compatible with almost all the devices you can think of. It is supported by OS X, Linux, Android, Windows and Raspberry Pi Microcomputer. Right now, it is quite difficult for iOS users to get Kodi on their devices as it is still not available on the official app store. The only way to install Kodi on your devices is Jailbroken option.

Download Kodi on iPhone and iPad

Step 1 – Make sure you have Xcode 7 installed on your device. Now download Kodi deb file and iOS app signer on your device.

Step 2 – Connect your device to Mac and install Xcode. Create a new application with a new name “Kodi”

Step 3 – Under the team drop down box, login with your Apple ID or select from current team. If you face any dialogue box saying fix, click to resolve any arising issues.

Step 4 – Launch iOS app signer and minimize Kodi deb file.

Step 5 – Click on Browser and double click on Kodi deb file that you downloaded. Select the the signing certificate & provisioning profile and start downloading.

Step 6 – The app will be saved on the desktop.

Step 7 – Click on Xcode and select menu and click on devices.

Step 8 – Choose iOS device from the list and click on + sign. Click on Kodi. ipa file.

Step 9 – Now the Kodi app in built in and deployed to your device.

Step 10 – The Kodi is deployed to your device. Now you can unplug the device from Mac. And you are done.


Please downlaod this software on your own risk. As the software is not legally available for iOS users, you are going to jailbreak the system. You device may misbehave after its installation. Apple may not support you with this particular issue as the device has been jailbroken.

Certainly, there is a risk in downloading this app on your device but there are many users who are using it without any issue. These issues should not deter you from downloading it on your iPhone or iPad.

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