Popcorn time – Enjoy live shows and movies without paying a penny

Basically, Popcorn Time is an open source streaming application. Precisely, it is acting as “Netflix for pirated movies”. It is one of the unique streaming applications. Being the combo of torrent and streaming technologies, it provides live streaming without downloading the movie. At the time of streaming, movie get downloaded on hidden folder for temporary period. Once you have rebooted the device, those movies will get removed. So we can say, it is one of the advanced streaming applications.


Popcorn Time offers online streaming of movies and TV shows. You are allowed to watch movie or Show of any genre. Whether its romantic or action or autobiographical, you will find in the library of Popcorn Time.

Well, honestly, it is the popular online streaming app. Seriously, why would not you love this application? You don’t have to pay a single penny to watch hundreds of movies.

The real concern associated with Popcorn Time is the illegitimate content. The users have this common query, “Is Popcorn Time legal?” Answer, No it is not legal.

First of all, the content uploaded on this application is totally pirated. Piracy alone is a big crime. Secondly, it uses the torrent technology. Most users have no idea about this technology, that’s why they are facing bad outcomes. When you watch movie using torrent, your pc gets utilized for seeding to others who want to watch that movie. This way, you are using the content without the permission of owners. So, this act can be criminal as per the location of the user.

For example, in America it is totally illegal to use the services of Popcorn Time. You can face sentence or fines of thousands dollars. Because people don’t know about torrent technology and its working. Unfortunately, they get involved in seeding process. As a result, jail or heavy fine!

Final verdict is that, as a free application Popcorn Time gained so much popularity. But it is against the law in most countries.



Author: androidmaniacsblog

I am John a creative content writer and blogger. i love to read write and search about the technology.

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